Carnarvon Hostel
Years of Operation1968 to the late 1970s
Role Of FacilityThe Australian Churches of Christ Indigenous Ministries (ACCIM) advise that Carnarvon Hostel was built and operated with the purpose of giving teenagers from Carnarvon Mission [see entry] an opportunity to live in the Carnarvon township while completing their secondary schooling, or while they were working. The hostel was part of the Carnarvon Mission facility and the hostel was seen as allowing that population a further step into the broader community environment.
Sponsoring AgencyThe Australian Churches of Christ Indigenous Ministries (ACCIM) [see entry], which was formerly called the Churches of Christ Federal Aborigines Mission Board Inc (CCFAMBI).
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Address(es)Carnarvon, approximately 900 kilometres north of Perth
Brief HistoryWhen surveyed in 1971, it was noted that the Carnarvon Hostel was operated by the Churches of Christ and catered for 10 residents. (Wilson and Robinson (1971) Aboriginal Hostels in Perth: A Comparative Survey).
RecordsDepartmental records for children placed by the Department of Community Welfare or the Department of Native Welfare may exist.

Additionally, the Department for Community Development’s Aboriginal Index should be consulted for information.

Thousands of photos taken at the Churches of Christ Mission centres have been preserved, and identified where possible. In time, these will be available from ACCIM.

According to the The Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies website , the State Records Office in Western Australia “holds extensive records relating to missions.” Contact details are below.
AccessWhile access to records is restricted to protect the privacy of individuals, people are encouraged to enquire.
Contact DetailsFor Photographs:
Australian Churches of Christ Indigenous Ministries
Box 1199, Wangara WA 6947.
Telephone: (08) 9309 3922

For personal record cards:
Freedom of Information
Department for Child Protection
PO Box 6334, East Perth WA 6892
Telephone: (08) 9222 2555
Facsimile: (08) 9222 2776
Country free call: 1800 000 277

For general information relating to missions:
State Records Office, Alexander Library Building
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Search Centre: GroundFloor Mon-Fri:9.30am-4.30pm
Telephone: (08) 9427 3360
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